Demetrio López Vargas (1886 – 1960) was born in Lorca (Murcia), where his father was working on the Lorca-Águilas railway route. He was employed on railways but never gave an interest in this work, and yet he showed a great inclination for the arts, dedicating himself intensively to writing and drawing.

His creative career began in 1912 in publishing La Hoja de Parra (1911-1916), for which he made drawings and texts. Later he worked in other sycriptic, satirical and festive publications, some of them promoted by himself, such asViejo Verde (1914) or Varieté (1927),, and others in the orbit of the writer and editor Artemio Precioso, such as La Vida  (1923) or Muchas Gracias  (1924-1932), and also in Cosquillas (1926) , El Duende (2nd period, 1933) and Gracia y Justicia (1931-1936).
In all of them he unveiled his prototype of a woman: resounding, large, with long and turned legs, in marked shapes, with a strong and uninhibited personality, provocative, sophisticated and exuberant. One of those characters, Mary Lola, created for Muchas Graciasgave it great popularity.

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