Johann Heinrich Füssli (1741 – 1825) was a Swiss-British painter and publicist who became known in England as Henry Fuseli. Füssli was known as an adventurous personality. He was initially a preacher, but in 1764 he left the church.
Between 1770 and 1780 he lived in Italy. He admired the work of Michelangelo and the Italian Mannerists.
In many of his works he depicts the sublime in the form of the terrifying. His work is particularly expressive and unconventional. He uses strange shortenings and in particular depicts the irrational by creating worlds that are often in conflict with everyday sensory experiences. His work often shows a preference for the macabre and the nightmarish.

I tried to find his more erotic artworks and was very surprised to even find some bdsm related artworks.