Feodor Stepanovich “Rojan” Rojankovsky (1891 – 1970) also known as Rojan, was a Russian émigré illustrator.

Rojankovsky was born in Mitava, Courland Governorate of the Russian Empire (now in Latvia) on December 24, 1891, to Lydia Kiprianova and Stepan Fedorovich Rojankovsky. After Stephan’s death in 1897, the family moved to St. Petersburg to be closer to his older married sister.

There, Rojan’s interest in books grew, particularly natural history picture books and illustrated classics. He studied two years at the private Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture but left in 1914 to serve in the Imperial Russian Army during World War I where he served as Staff Captain of one of the first motorized units until 1917.

His first work appeared in the May 1915 issue of the magazine Lukomor’e where he depicted war scenes during his bed rest after being wounded in battle.

After the war, Rojankovsky joined his siblings in Ukraine and worked as an artist for the local district council where some of his projects were illustrating books for local schools. He was conscripted by the White Army in 1919, soon to be a prisoner of war in Poland. After the war, he stayed in Poland working with Polish bookseller and publisher Rudolf Wegner designing book covers and illustrating whole books. After the Rapallo Treaty of 1922 recognized the new Soviet Union, he was unable to return to Russia with his Tsarist papers and became a stateless person and moved to France in 1925 where he worked as an art director for Lecram Press.
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Books illustrated by Rojan:

  • Manuel de civilité pour les petites filles, 1926
  • Félicia, 1929
  • Le théâtre érotique de la Rue de la Santé, 1932
  • Examen de Flora, 1935
  • Poésies libertines, 1935
  • Vers libre, 1935
  • Idyll printanière, 1936
  • Chansons galantes, 1937
  • Poèsies erotiques, 1937
  • Liqueurs féminines, parfums sexuels, 1940
  • Trois filles de leur mère (also with illustrations by Berthommé and Collot), 1940
  • Dévergondages, 1948