Cheri Herouard (1881 – 1961) was a French artist and illustrator of numerous erotica and spanking novels.
Chéri Hérouard was born as Chéri-Louis-Marie-Aime Haumé in Rocroi on January 6, 1881.He changed his last name to Hérouard as a child when his mother remarried.

Chéri Herouard’s first printed artwork appeared in Le Journal de la Jeunesse in 1902. Upon stepping into the Publishing House of Calmann-Lévy, he met Anatole France, who encouraged him to continue his work. Hérouard often worked with fairy tale characters and was also a pioneer in the comics format.

He submitted work to La Semaine de Suzette before being approached by Charles Saglio, who had just purchased La Vie Parisienne, to become an illustrator for the magazine. At first he resisted, saying he didn’t think he was skilled enough. Two years later, Hérouard’s first illustration for La Vie Parisienne was published on 9 November 1907. The cover illustrations for the magazine were divided among several illustrators, with Hérouard contributing most frequently between 1916 through 1930. He continued his work with the magazine until 1952. He often created illustrations for books such as Dangerous Liaisons in 1945. For Pierrot, he drew Gil Blas de Santillane (1949), Tambour Battant (1950) and Le Capitaine Eclair (1951).

He used the pseudonym Herric when he illustrated spanking novels for various French publishing houses, such as Jean Fort’s Collection des Orties Blanches.