The Memoirs of Dolly Morton was published in 1904, it’s currently offered for sale via auction.

The Memoirs of Dolly Morton is a Victorian spanking novel that was published by Charles Carrington in London in 1899, with illustrations by Louis Malteste.

The work was published under the collective pseudonym Jean de Villiot, and is falsy attributed to Hugues Rebell (George Grassal). The real writer seems to have been It has been suggested that the author is Hector France.
The full title is The Memoirs of Dolly Morton: The Story of A Woman’s Part in the Struggle to Free the Slaves, An Account of the Whippings, Rapes, and Violences that Preceded the Civil War in America, with Curious Anthropological Observations on the Radical Diversities in the Conformation of the Female Bottom and the Way Different Women Endure Chastisement.
This edition that was for sale is mentioned as illustrated by George Dola, but the other artworks are believed to be done by Louis Malteste.